Curriculum Vitae

(revised February 1998)


Professor of Economics, New York University

February 13, 1930, London, United Kingdom
Lived in Cape Town, South Africa, 1940-48

University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1947-48
University of London (External Student), 1950-51
Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY, 1952-54
New York University, 1954-57

B.A. summa cum laude, Brooklyn College, 1954
M.B.A. New York University, 1955
Ph.D. New York University, 1957

Academic Career
Graduate Assistant, New York University
Volker Fellow, New York University
Earhart Fellow, New York University
Lecturer, Brooklyn College
Assistant Professor, New York University
Associate Professor, New York University
Professor, New York University

Administrative Responsibilities
Acting Chairman, Joint Undergraduate Department of Economics, New York University
Executive Officer, All-University Department of Economics, New York University
Acting Chairman, Department of Economics, New York University


  1. BOOKS:

    1. The Economics Point of View (Van Nostrand, 1960)

      - reprinted, Sheed and Ward, 1976

      - Romanian translation published, 1996

    2. Market Theory and the Price System (Van Nostrand, 1963)

    3. An Essay on Capital (A. M. Kelley, 1966)

      - republished, see below (ix)

    4. Competition and Entrepreneurship (University of Chicago Press, 1973)

      - reprinted in paperback edition, 1978

      - Spanish translation published, 1975

      - German translation published, 1978

      - Japanese translation published, 1985

      - Portuguese translation published, 1986

      - Korean translation published, 1996

      - Italian translation published, 1997

    5. Perception, Opportunity and Profit: Studies in the Theory of Entrepreneurship (University of Chicago Press, 1979)

      - reprinted in paperback edition, 1983

      - German translation published, 1988

    6. Discovery and the Capitalist Process (University of Chicago Press, 1985)

    7. Discovery, Capitalism and Distributive Justice (Basil Blackwell, 1989)

      - Spanish translation published, 1995

    8. The Meaning of Market Process: Essays in the Development of Modern Austrian Economics (Routledge, 1992)

      - reprinted in paperback edition, 1996

    9. Essays on Capital and Interest: An Austrian Perspective (Edward Elgar, 1996) [includes a republished version of item (iii) above]

    10. How Markets Work: Disequilibrium, Entrepreneurship and Discovery (Institute of Economic Affairs, London, UK, 1997)

    1. Method, Process, and Austrian Economics: Essays in Honor of Ludwig von Mises (Lexington Books, 1982)

    2. Subjectivism, Intelligibility and Economic Understanding: Essays in Honor of Ludwig M. Lachmann on his Eightieth Birthday (New York University Press, 1986)
    3. Classics in Austrian Economics: A Sampling in the History of a Tradition (London: William Pickering, 1994), 3 volumes, with (three) introductions by the editor.


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