Debraj Ray
Silver Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science, and Professor of Economics

Co-Editor, American Economic Review
Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
Part-Time Professor, University of Warwick

Department of Economics, New York University, 19 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10012, U.S.A., +1-(212)-998-8906

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Recent Publications (since 2010) [All Publications][Working Papers][CV]

Groups in Conflict: Size Matters, But Not in the Way You Think, with Laura Mayoral, December 2017.

Certified Random: A New Order for Co-Authorship, with Arthur Robson,September 2017, forthcoming American Economic Review.

Kenneth Arrow, El Trimestre Económico 84, 761-769, 2017.

Information Aggregation with Heterogeneous Traders, with Sahar Parsa, February 2017.

Aspirations and Inequality, with Garance Genicot, Econometrica 85, 485-519, 2017. Online Appendix. 2009 version.

Conflict and Development, with Joan Esteban, Annual Reviews of Economics 9, 263-293, 2017.

Aspirations and the Development Treadmill, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 17, 309-323, 2016.

Missing Unmarried Women, with Siwan Anderson, August 2015.

Information and Enforcement in Informal Credit Markets, with Parikshit Ghosh, Economica 83, 59-90, 2016.

Anatomy of a Contract Change, with Rajshri Jayaraman and Francis de Vericourt. Online Appendix. American Ecfonomic Review 106, 316-358, 2016.

Poverty and Self-Control (with D. Bernheim and S. Yeltekin), Econometrica 83 (5), 1877-1911, 2015. Online Appendix. A link to the 1999 version, which only had numerical results.

The Farsighted Stable Set (with R. Vohra), Econometrica 83, 977-1011, 2015. Online Appendix.

Coalition Formation (with R. Vohra), revised December 2013, in Handbook of Game Theory Vol 4 (H.P. Young and S. Zamir, eds), Elsevier North Holland, 2014.

Implications of an Economic Theory of Conflict: Hindu-Muslim Violence in India (with A. Mitra), revised May 2013, then December 2013, Journal of Political Economy 122, 719-765, 2014. Online appendix.

Nit-Piketty: A Comment on Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty First Century, May 2014. Here is a link is to a published version in CESifo Forum 16 (1) , 2015, 19-25. Here is Piketty's reply to me (and others), and other reflections by him, in the same forum.

Gender Differentials in Eye Care: Access and Treatment (with R. Jayaraman and S-Y. Wang), revised March 2014, Economic and Political Weekly 49 No. 25, June 21, 2014. 

Hedonistic Altruism and Welfare Economics, preliminary notes, August 2013.

The Age Distribution of Missing Women in India, (with S. Anderson), Economic and Political Weekly Vol - XLVII No. 47-48, December (2012).

Missing Women: Age and Disease, (with S. Anderson), and a Web Appendix, Review of Economic Studies 77(4), 1262--1300 (2010).

A Theory of Endogenous Fertility With Occupational Choice (with D. Mookherjee and S. Prina), American Economic Journal (Microeconomics), forthcoming.

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Ethnicity and Conflict: An Empirical Investigation (with J. Esteban and L. Mayoral), with a Web Appendix, American Economic Review 102 (2012), 1310-1342.

Linking Conflict to Inequality and Polarization (with J. Esteban), American Economic Review 101(4), 1345–74 (2011).

A Model of Ethnic Conflict (with J. Esteban), Journal of the European Economic Association 9(3):496–521 (2011).

Uneven Growth: A Framework for Research in Development Economics, Journal of Economic Perspectives 24 (3), Summer, 45--60 (2010).