Selected Recent Talks:

Note: These slides are prepared using powersem, a LaTeX macro. This generates "dynamic" pdfs that must be viewed by downloading and then setting your pdf viewer to "single-page viewing". If you have trouble viewing any of these slides contact me and I will send you a "static" version.

A video lecture on Ethnicity and Conflict:


Slides for "Uneven Growth and Social Conflict," Colin Clark Lecture at the 2013 Australasian Econometric Society Meetings, variants also presented as the 2013 Sir Richard Stone Lecture at the University of Cambridge, and as a keynote lecture at the AEL Conference on Development Economics and Policy, Munich, 2013.

Poverty and Self Control, ThReD Conference, Barcelona June 2011, updated University of Toronto, December 2012.

Lecture 1 and Lecture 2 on "Conflict and Distribution", at Boston University's Distinguished Visitor's Program, Dept of Economics, April 2011.

Lecture 1, "Convergence and Divergence" and Lecture 2, "Conflict", at the Delhi School of Economics, March 2010.

Slides for "Status, Intertemporal Choice and Risk-Taking," Dipak Banerjee Memorial Lecture, Presidency College, January 2010

Slides for "Implications of an Economic Theory of Conflict: Hindu-Muslim Conflict in India," Indian Statistical Institute, December 2009

Slides for "Conflict and Development," Invited Lecture at the Econometric Society Meetings, Boston, June 2009

Slides for "Inequality and Markets," Murat Sertel Lecture, European University Institute, Florence, November 2008

Slides for "Theories of Coalition Formation," Lipsey Lectures, University of Essex December 2004

Slides for "Polarization and Conflict," BP Lecture, London School of Economics May 2005

Slides Part I and Part II for RC Dutt Memorial Lectures, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata, December 2005.