Columns & Essays Authored by Roman Frydman

 “An Economics of Magical Thinking,” co-authored with Michael D. Goldberg, Financial Times (, September 23, 2009.

Completing the G-20’s Agenda,” co-authored with M.D. Goldberg (April 2009), published in 32 newspapers around the world.

"Obama and Asset Prices,"co-authored with M.D. Goldberg, Financial Times, November 14, 2008

"We Must Not Rely Only On the Rosiest Ratings,"co-authored with Goldberg, M.D. and E.S. Phelps, Financial Times, October 20, 2008.

“Clipping the Euro’s Wings” (August 2007), revised version entitled "Can Anything Slow the Dollar's Fall?" (November 2007). Co-authored with M.D. Goldberg, published in 55 newspapers around the world.

"Breaking the Mold -- A Survey of Postcommunist Higher Education, " co-authored with M. Hessel, K. Murphy and Rapaczynski, A., Le Banquet -- Revue du CERAP (October 1999), 145-164.

"Marching Backwards," co-authored with Murphy, K. and A. Rapaczynski, published in: Der Standard (in German), September 1995; Finansova Ukraina (in Ukrainian), October 1995; Magyar Hirlap (in Hungarian), October 1995; Rzeczpospolita (in Polish), October 1995; Die Zeit (in German), November 1995; Econom (in Czech), November 1995.

"Eastern European Experience with Small Scale Privatization," co-authored with A. Rapaczynski, World Bank, Paper No. 104, 1994.

"Privatization in Eastern Europe: Is the State Withering Away?," co-authored with A. Rapaczynski, Finance and Development, (June 1993).

"Wie vel Staat braucht der Markt?" ("How Much Market Does the State Need?"), co-authored with A. Rapaczynski, Transit, 3, 1992, pp. 193-205. Reprinted in Frankfurter Rundschau, March 18, 1992, No.66.

"Comments on the Polish Privatization Program," in Polish, co-authored with A. Rapaczynski, Zycie Gospodarcze, (August 1, 1991).

"Privatizing Privatization in Poland and Eastern Europe," co-authored with A. Rapaczynski, in D.D. Purvis (ed.), Economic Development in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Policy Forum Series, John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy, Queens University, 1991, pp. 70-74.

"An Analysis of the Polish Government's Large-Scale Privatization Plan", co-authored with A. Rapaczynski, Soviet and East European Law (February 1991).

"Privatization and Sale: For Whom and For What Price?" in Polish, co-authored with A. Rapaczynski, Zycie Warszawy (September 10, 1990).

Privatization: Valuation and Alchemy," in Polish, co-authored with A. Rapaczynski, Gazeta Bankowa (September 2, 1990)

"Privatization and Valuation: Who, For How Much, and Why?," in Polish, co-authored with A. Rapaczynski, Zycie Warszawy (August 31, 1990)

"Privatization: Accelaration and Ventilation," in Polish, co-authored with A. Rapaczynski, Rzeczpospolita (August 27, 1990).

"Privatization: Efficiently and Fairly," Interview in Zycie Warszawy (August 27, 1990).

"To Privatize Privatization," Interview in Zycie Gospodarcze (August 19, 1990).

"Inadequate Polish Privatization," open letter with A. Rapaczynski, Financial Times (August 7, 1990).

Review of The Theory and Practice of Econometrics by G.G. Judge, et. al. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 3 (October 1985) 413_14.

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