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Welcome to the professional and personal website of Prof. M. Ishaq Nadiri.  The main purpose of this website is to allow other professionals to keep abreast of Prof. Nadiri's research activities.  It also exists for purposes of communication to his students, allowing them access to course materials and syllabi, as well as providing scheduling information.

Prof. Nadiri joined the faculty of the Economics Department at New York University in 1970.  He served as Chairman of the Department from 1972-78. Additionally, Prof. Nadiri founded and served as the first director of the C.V. Starr Center for Applied Economics.  In 1975, he was named the Jay Gould Professor of Economics.  A longstanding member of the National Bureau of Economic Research, Prof. Nadiri also has served on the Council of Foreign Relations.

Prof. Nadiri's main research topics are productivity analysis, economics of R&D and technical change, telecommunications economics and investment modeling and growth.  In recent years, his research efforts have extended to economic responses to terrorism, post-conflict reconstruction and economies of failed states.

Prof. Nadiri was a participant in the Bonn talks which created the Interim Government in Afghanistan, as well as in the Tokyo talks set up to attract international funding for Afghanistan's major reconstruction efforts.  

From 2005-08, Prof. Nadiri served as the Senior Economic Advisor to President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan (SEAP).   Additionally, Prof. Nadiri was appointed as the Chairman of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and Co-Chair of the Joint Coordinating and Monitoring Board (JCMB), which coordinates activities between the international community and the Afghan Government on matters of economic development, governance and security.

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